Episode 6 – the Participation Perception

In this episode of “Real Talk with Robbie” we talk generations. Not just what we can learn from each other, but why the older generation believes that anyone in later generations are handed everything, hence the name “Participation Perception”. Everyone believes that their way is the best way, but there is something about a certain generation that thinks what they say is the only way and there is no changing their mind. I talk some examples and about how it’s important to realize when someone has moved on. It’s a talk no one likes to hear, but that’s why it’s so crucial to talk about it.

It was supposed to be Episode two or three, but things popped up, recordings were trashed, and honestly for a while, it’s something I didn’t even want to talk about. But at the end of the day, it’s important and that is why it’s episode six. Enjoy.


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